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Getting Started

Choosing Your Discipline

Getting Your Horse a Passport

Taking the Perfect Passport Photo

How Jumpers Are Scored

Providing Proof of Ownership for a Passport

Hunter Braids

Jumper Braids

Hunter Divisions

Jumper Divisions

Equitation Divisions

Shiny Horses

Turning Your Horse Out for the Hunter Ring

Hunter Pads: Good and Bad

Turning Your Horse Out for the Jumper Ring

What to Wear: Hunter Rider Edition

What to Wear: Jumper Rider Edition



Recommended Reading

What to Pack: Stabling at the Show

Lunging at the Show

Warm-Up Ring Etiquette

Jumper Tack: Belly Pad

Hunter Under Saddle: Class Procedure

Hunter Tack: Standing Martingale

Entering and Exiting the Hunter Ring

Jumper Tack: Figure-Eight Noseband

The Hack Division

Stabling Etiquette

Filling Out Your Entry Form

Adding and Scratching

Tent Stalls: Flaps in the Rain

Amateur Status

Tent Stalls: Rolling Up the Flaps

Elimination for Disobediences

Memorizing Jumper Courses

How to Befriend the Show Office Staff

Memorizing Hunter Courses

Jumper Tack: Martingales

Walking the Lines

The Order of Go

Option Jumps


Trouble at the Ingate

Warm-Up Jumps

Your Ringside Kit

Bath Time

Hay and Shavings

Jumper Course Diagrams

Grooming for Yourself

On-Site Farrier

Using Studs

Hunter Tack: Cavesson Noseband

Jumper Tack: Hackamores

Hay and Shavings: How Much Do You Need?

Getting White Socks Their Whitest

The Muck Heap

Permitted Medications

Voluntary Withdrawal

Starting Your Jumper Course

Entering Flat Classes Only

Jumper Boots

Hunter Striding

Banging the Tail

Numbers Worn on the Saddle Pad

Hunter Tails

Numbers Worn on the Back

Jogging for Ribbons

Hunter Tack: Reins

Jumper Tack: Reins

Tack Boxes


What Happens if I go Off Course?

Trainer Conflicts

What Happens if I Fall Off?

What Constitutes a Knock-Down?

Recommended Reading #2

What Happens if a Jump Blows Down?

Handy Hunter

Keeping a Clean Horse From Rolling

The Mini Prix

Hunter Braiding: Choosing a Yarn Colour

What to Wear to Your First Show (Rider)

Champions and Reserve Champions

Why Fake Tails Are Used

FAQ, Part 1

FAQ, Part 2

Something to Watch

FAQ, Part 3

What Happens if I Fall Off Right After the Bell?

FAQ, Part 4

FAQ, Part 5

How to Adjust a Standing Martingale

Hunter Hair Explained

Victory Gallop Etiquette

Pre-Ordering Hay and Shavings

When Bad Weather Hits

How to Jog

FAQ, Part 6

FAQ, Part 7


Jumper Medal Tack Restrictions

Turnout Critique #1

Should You Show Without a Coach?

Something to Watch, Part Two

Hunter Jumps

Jumper Jumps

Natural Obstacles

Turnout Critique #2

Turnout Critique #3

Turnout Critique #4

Hunter Derbies

Turnout Critique #5

Equine Medications Resources

Turnout Critique #6

Foolproof Jumper Braids

Natural Obstacles: The Grob

Crossing Over Into Dressage

FAQ, Part 8

Turnout Critique #7

Turnout Critique #8

Turnout Critique #9

Turnout Critique #10

How to Hang a Hay Net

How to Dress for a Jumping Clinic

Where to Find Shaped Pads That Fit

Ideal Weight for Jumping Horses

Field Boot Quality

Fitting Open-Front Boots

Turnout Critique #11

FAQ, Part 9

Tape on Jumper Warm-Up Standards

A Heads Up for US Equitation Riders, Stirrup Rule Change

Estimating the Wait Time Before You Will Compete

Tried, It's True! #1

FAQ, Part 10

What to Wear: Men's Edition

How to Find a Braider

How to Open/Close Your Account

Studs 101

Tried, It's True! #2

FAQ, Part 11

How to Quickly Set Warm-Up Jumps

Giveaway Time, Courtesy of Dream Horse Studios!

Why Hunters and Jumpers Don't Have Ride Times

Stabling vs. Shipping In

FAQ, Part 12

Is Your Bridle Really Clean?

Turnout Critique #12

Equitation Stirrup Rule Update

Turnout Critique #13

Hair Net Choices

Young Horse Boots

Review: Equine Omega Complete

Fixing an Equine Bad Hair Day

Turnout Critique #14

Bitting Arrangements

Turnout Critique #15

FAQ, Part 13

Quick Equipment Fixes

Turnout Critique #16

Video Roundup

Grooming the Sensitive Horse

How to Fix a Squeaky Bit

Fix a Broken Halter Chin Strap

FAQ, Part 14

Unusual Tack: The Waterford Bit

Review: Making the Running

What is a Medal Class?

Unusual Tack: The Bib Martingale

Review: The Horse is Never Wrong

Judges' Answers to Pony Questions

Turnout Critique #17

Coloured Jackets in the Hunter Ring

Review: Fortune's Fool

How to Attach a Lead Shank to the Bit

Cannon Crud

Equine Nutrition Interview, Part 1

Equine Nutrition Interview, Part 2

Review: Touch of Gold

How to Fold Back a Quarter Sheet

Review: Chasing the Wind

How to Fold a Sheet

Going First


  1. Great blog, so informative! Perfect to read through before my first hunter show! Thanks so much for putting this together :)

    1. Thank you, please let me know if there's anything you'd like to read about that you don't see here!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Rookie mom with young daughter starting to show in a schooling circuit soon - this blog has given me my sanity back. Thank you for not assuming the reader already understands the basics of riding/showing/horsemanship and for explaining what is appropriate for the schooling show level. I now feel armed with a basic understanding of how to prepare and what to expect. Many thanks!!

    1. You're welcome! Please feel free to suggest any topics that you would like to read about in the future.

  3. So happy to have stumbled on this page! such a great resource to have :)

    Could I request a post on seeing distances? Everyone says it takes show miles. Is there anything else you can do to work on this? any tips?? what do you do if your coming up to a jump and just don't see a distance? I always hear " the last stride is the horses", don't pick, ect ect. So if you cant see a distance what do you do? For me, sometimes its there and sometimes it's not, but I can differentiate a reasoning for the when it's not moments and what I am doing different.

    1. Thank you!

      I compete as an amateur and make no claims of being a professional trainer, so I do avoid giving training tips in my blog posts.

      From one amateur to another, I can tell you that rhythm, straightness, and having the horse in front of your leg are so important when it comes to distances. If you have those factors you can make a good jump happen and the distances will naturally become more consistent.

      If you've reached a distance that is less than perfect, giving your horse the freedom to use his neck and body to get himself over the jump is generally better than the natural reaction of trying to physically hold the horse off the jump yourself.

      Lots of cantering over poles on the ground is an easy way to develop an eye for distances without over-jumping your horse!

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