Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Mini Prix

On some prize lists, you might see the words "mini prix" beside the name of the last class of certain jumper divisions (generally the jr/am ones). A mini prix is a smaller version of the grand prix, the biggest and most lucrative class of the show.

The mini prix will have a higher entry fee than the other classes of the division in order to allow for greater prize money. The course will also generally be longer than your usual jumper course, consisting of about twelve numbered obstacles compared to ten in other classes. In addition to the increased length, the level of difficulty will generally be a bit higher, with a triple combination in most cases and sometimes spookier jumps as well as more technical questions.

The mini prix will almost always be run with a posted order to make things fair. While the jump-off is usually delayed like in a regular grand prix, some shows will use an immediate jump-off so that the day will run quickly.

There is generally a formal ribbon presentation on horseback with a victory gallop for all of those who have placed. The number of awards given out is usually two more than are given for the regular classes of that division (i.e. if a show usually gives six ribbons in regular classes, the mini prix might be pinned to eighth, while a show that normally pins to eighth might extend the ribbons to tenth for the mini prix).  

Be prepared to wear formal attire for any mini prix. It is quite common to braid for such a class, but it is not required.

Typical alternatives for the term 'mini prix' are classic, grand prix (combined with the name of the division to distinguish it from the grand prix) or stake.

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