Saturday, March 12, 2011

FAQ, Part 4

Are german martingales legal in jumpers?
No. A german martingale is considered to be a restrictive device and is therefore not allowed to be used in the jumper ring. The running martingale allows much more freedom because it can move freely along the reins. The german martingale cannot release beyond where it is set.

Can you wear a black jacket in hunter show ring?
Yes, you can. A navy jacket is more classic, but black jackets are allowed. They tend to give a stiffer appearance to the rider than a coloured jacket would, and many black jackets are designed and cut for the dressage world. An easy way to check whether a jacket would be suitable for the hunter ring is to look at the buttons and the back vents. In the hunter ring, the buttons will blend in with the jacket colour, whereas metallic buttons are often seen on dressage jackets. Dressage jackets also have a single back vent compared to the double vents on a hunter jacket, and a dressage jacket will also usually have two buttons in the back as well.

How many seconds from the bell ringing to jumping first fence?
You have 45 seconds from the moment the bell rings until you will have to cross the start line for a jumper class. Beyond 45 seconds, the timers will start counting the time of your round.

How much stride do you need for the hunter ring?
Most hunter courses are set for a 12-foot stride. Some novice classes will use shorter striding (closer to 11 feet), while the bigger divisions can use as much as a 13-foot stride.

How to get a 12 foot hunter stride?
You need to lengthen your horse's stride rather than just going faster. Speeding around the course to get the proper striding will bring your score down. Lengthening the stride is something that needs to be worked on at home with your coach, well ahead of the horse shows.

What happens if I wear my hair in a show bow at a hunter show?
You won't die, but you will be out of fashion. The show bow is a very dressage-y look, while hunters tend to tuck their hair under the helmet. The extra decorations on a show bow will draw extra attention to your unusual choice of hair style. A tight bun contained in a neutral hair net or a braid tucked into your shirt would be more appropriate if you choose not to wear your hair under your helmet.

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