Monday, March 18, 2013

Style Advice

As the summer approaches, some of you might be wondering about trends for the show ring in 2013. Frequent readers might have noticed that I try to stay away from mentioning particular brands or giving fashion advice outside of staying neat and within the rules. To be quite honest, I am hardly qualified to give fashion advice and I want to avoid giving anyone who stumbles onto any particular blog post here the impression that trends will matter to the judge once you step into the show ring.

If you are interested in show ring fashion and trends, I do have a recommendation for a fantastic site that is very on-trend but still worth a visit even if you don't care about fashion, because Carley is hilarious:

On a similar note, remember as the show season gets closer that you can send me photos for a turnout critique to make sure that you're presented at your best for that first show. You can send a photo (or more) of your horse and yourself in horse show attire to

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